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The history of Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club begins when you walk into the clubrooms at King George Reserve, in East Boundary Road. This is not surprising seeing as the club is the only remaining founding member of the CMCA. Once you walk in you can not avoid the atmosphere that is created by the photos, score books, memorabilia and records that are displayed on the walls.


The legends of ANA, the premiership triumphs, the great stories, they all engulf you.

Then there is the well known table-tennis table that greets you as you enter through the door, created by former Australian spinner Jack Iverson.

Since 1930, many great achievements have been performed by a range of talented players, and well respected players. No greater honour at ANA was given than when the club hosted its Team of the Century during its 70th year celebrations in January 2000.


These players have provided brilliant on-field displays over the decades. Not only have ANA had some great players, but some fantastic club people off the field also. These names include CMCA icon Harry Morgan, Eddie Benson, Don Haw, John Chessum, Neil Vorbach and Graeme Bodley.


An in depth description of the history of the Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club from 1930 to 2000 is available in the club's 70th Year Book.



Oooohhh ....   Join in the chorus

And sing in one and all

Join in the chorus

ANA is on the ball

Good old Bentleigh

They're champions, you'll agree

Old ANA's the team to beat

The team of the century


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